Erin Burnett Without Makeup (2024)

1. Look who Erin found in the makeup tent at tonight's CNN debate

  • 18 okt 2011 · CNN journalists actually putting on makeup. We already knew you are not that pretty so how are you "keeping us informed". This is "Out Front"?

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2. Erin Burnett's new hair looks terrible

  • 20 nov 2020 · Um. No. She does not get her hair colored “at least weekly, if not more”. Coloring hair is extremely damaging, if she did it anywhere near what ...

  • 11/20/2020 19:53

3. Key lines: CNN's interview with Biden on polls, protests and more

4. TESTIMONIALS - Elevation Makeup France

  • Here's one sample testimonial from CNN's Erin Burnett, whom I worked with for many years at CNN as recently as 2021. I also personally did Erin's wedding makeup ...

  • Hear what clients have said about Nancy's outstanding work. She has worked at the very highest levels doing makeup for the rich and famous, as well as politicians, actors, as well as regular weddings. She is available across France.

5. Video: Biden discusses the economy, Trump and the war in Gaza ... - CNN

6. 37 Erin Burnett Stock Pictures, Editorial Images and Stock Photos

  • Beauty/Fashion · Buildings/Landmarks · Business ... With access to 400M+ photos, vectors, illustrations, and more. ... Erin burnett editorial images. Approximately ...

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7. How CNN Anchor Erin Burnett Gets It Done - The Cut

  • 28 mrt 2022 · With a 24/7 commitment to covering the news and parenting three young children, the anchor says lists are what keeps her going. “I wouldn't say ...

  • And how a piece of fan mail changed the course of her career.

8. Erin Burnett - Erin Burnett added a new photo.

  • 30 dec 2017 · Erin Burnett added a new photo ... No photo description available. 8 mos ... You have photogenic face beauty ,it help you

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Erin Burnett Without Makeup (2024)


Is Erin Burnett still married? ›

Yes, Erin Burnett is still married to David Rubulotta. They have been married since 2012 and have three children together.

What happened to Erin Burnett OutFront? ›

From January 2015 until March 2020, OutFront had a repackaged thirty-minute format running on the weekends on CNN International. As part of CNN International's schedule changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, OutFront is now aired in its full hour-long format on weekdays, replacing the second hour of Your World Today.

How much does Erin Burnett get paid? ›

Erin Burnett

Burnett earns an estimated $6 million a year from her on-air work and has an estimated net worth of $20 million. Lawrence O'Donnell during a panel at The Texas Tribune Festival in 2019 in Austin, Texas.

How many children does Erin Burnett have? ›

Has three children with her husband David Rubulotta: a son Nyle Thomas Burnett Rubulotta (b. November 29, 2013), a daughter Colby Isabelle Burnett Rubulotta (b. July 18, 2015) and another son Owen Thomas Burnett Rubulotta (b. August 20, 2018).

What is the salary of Wolf Blitzer? ›

Jack Shafer on X: "Offered without comment: "Wolf Blitzer, who earns about $15 million...'" / X.

What state does Erin Burnett live in? ›

Burnett lives in New York City with her husband and three young children.

Is Erin Burnett biracial? ›

Early life and education. Burnett was born and raised in Mardela Springs, Maryland. She is the youngest daughter of Esther Margaret (née Stewart) and Kenneth King Burnett, a corporate attorney. She is of Irish, Scottish, and English ancestry.

Is Erin Burnett kin to Carol Burnett? ›

No, Carol Burnett is not the mother of Erin Burnett. While they share the same last name, they are not related. Carol Burnett is a famous actress, comedian, and writer known for her work on television, stage, and film.

How old is Erin Burnett's youngest child? ›

Finally, the youngest of Burnett's children is Owen Thomas Burnett Rubulotta, who was born on August 20, 2018.

Who is the richest news anchor in America? ›

Sean Hannity

Hannity, who hosts his Fox News TV show as well as a nationally syndicated radio talk show, reportedly makes an eye-popping $45 million per year, including $25 million from Fox. Methodology: For this piece, GOBankingRates looked at AdWeek's 2021 viewership data to find the 25 most-watched cable news shows.

How much does George Stephanopoulos earn per year? ›

The deal will net Stephanopoulos more than $65 million, working out to roughly $15 million to $18 million per year. The new contract also ensures he will remain a central player in ABC News' coverage of the 2020 presidential campaign. He will also remain as host of the network's Sunday morning show “This Week.”

Who is the highest-paid CNN anchor in the world? ›

We've gathered up all the biggest reported salaries from CNN's Anderson Cooper to CBS' Gayle King and more in a new report from the Ankler. Some of the salaries from this report are from hosts that have been fired or let go from their contracts.

What does David Rubulotta do for a living? ›

What nationality is David Rubulotta? ›

Is Jody Hamilton married? ›

Who is Carol Burnett married to now? ›

Joe Hamilton died of cancer in 1991. Also in the 1980s, Burnett participated in a publicity campaign for MedicAlert, of which she is symbolically the one millionth member with the one millionth bracelet. On November 24, 2001, Burnett married drummer Brian Miller who is 23 years her junior.

Does Erin Burnett have a husband and children? ›

Erin Burnett and David Rubulotta's Marriage

They got engaged in 2011 and tied the knot on December 21, 2012. The couple has since welcomed three children together: a son named Thomas in 2013, a daughter named Colby in 2015, and a second son named Owen in 2018.

Where is Don Lemon now? ›

Don Lemon is back and Elon Musk has got him. The popular CNN anchor who was pushed out of the cable news channel last year during the turbulent reign of former chairman Chris Licht announced Tuesday he will return with a three-times-a-week podcast on X, the social media platform owned by Musk.


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