How to Clear Disable List in Mudae (2024)

Have you been struggling to find a way to add back specific characters to your rolls in Mudae? Clearing your disable list is an easy and convenient way to achieve this. It allows you to re-introduce erased characters back to your Mudae rolling pool.

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Read on to learn how to clear the disable list in Mudae.

Clearing Disable List on Mudae

The disable list notes all characters that you’ve blocked from your rolls. You can remove a series from your disable list or clear the whole of it. To clear your disable list in Mudae, type in “$eall” or “$enableall.” You can also use the “$fullresetdisable” to achieve the same results.

How to Remove a Series From Your Disable List Mudae

If you want to remove a specific series from your Mudae list, type in “$enable [series]. You can also use the “$enableall” command to remove all series. Additionally, you can use the anti-disable command to get around wider disables. For example, if you’ve disabled an entire bundle, you can anti-disable a series in that bundle to make it available again for rolling.

Be aware that if you’re in Gamemode 2, an equal amount of disabled characters is enabled when you choose to disable a series. Gamemode 2 also can’t go below the $limroul limits. $limroul is a syntax that applies to your rolls and defines the number of characters you can roll per roulette.

Clearing Your Antidisable List

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The antidisable list ($ad) is designed to enable all specified characters for your rolls. This command allows you to roll even those characters you’ve added to the disable list or have been limited by the $limroul specification. You can use the following commands to manage the $antidisable list:

  • $antidisablelist ($adl): This command will let you view the complete list of antidisabled characters.
  • $antienable ($ae): This is the best command if you want to erase specific characters from your antidisable list. To completely clear the antidisable list, you can type in “$aeall”.
  • $antidisabledel ($add): This syntax will help you to auto-delete an antidisable command.

If a series you want to work on shares a common name with another, you can use the command $adc or $aec command to specify an individual character within the category. This command is only applicable for Game Mode 2.

Optimizing a Disable List

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There are four primary groups that every Mudae user has a chance of rolling for every roulette. These include $ha, $hg, $wa, and $wg. This means that characters from these pools are bound to end up there whenever you add a series or bundle to your disable list. Optimizing your disable list means that you focus on one of the four pools as much as you can from one rather than prioritizing the total number of disabled.

Additional Commands for Running the Mudae Bot

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Most Mudae commands are relatively simple to understand. Below are some of the most used commands on the Mudae bot:

  • $tu: This is a “time up” command that displays the number of times you can roll to obtain a new character and if it’s available to claim. If you’ve recently acquired a new waifu or husbando, it will reflect the cooldown time you need to wait before claiming another.
  • $m: You’ll get to marry the character you roll following this command regardless of gender.
  • $w: This command is perfect when you only wish to roll waifus. You can advance this choice to an anime or video game character by using the $wa command for the former and $wg for the latter.
  • $h: If you’re looking to primarily roll husbandos, this command will help you. You can also specifically claim anime or video game characters using the $ha or $hg characters.
  • $mm: You can conveniently check how your harem building is going by using this command. It lets you see all the characters you’ve married on the Mudae bot.
  • $im [character name]: This command helps you view a character’s basic info and description. Take note that this isn’t limited to the characters you’re married to.
  • $note [character name] $ [custom description]: If you want to add a customized description to your waifu or husbando., this advanced command is ideal. A checkmark will be displayed once the command has been correctly executed. You can check your harem to confirm the changes.
  • $c [character name] $ [number of images]: This command makes changing a character’s default image easy. The number you enter helps select the image you want to use since most characters have more than one image assigned to them.

Be aware that there are more than 450 commands on Mudae. This section lists the ones you’re likely to use the most.

Troubleshooting Common Mudae Command Issues

You may encounter a few problems when trying to effect the command for clearing your disable list. Below are some Mudae bot command issues and ways you can fix them:

No Response

The Mudae bot may fail to respond to respond to the command you enter. The best way to resolve this is to check whether you have authorized permission and do so. Restarting the bot and server is also an excellent way to handle the non-responsive Mudae bot.

The Mudae Bot Is Offline

You can quickly solve this problem by contacting the support team. They can guide you through finding a solution or let you know if the bot is going to come back online soon.

Incorrect Syntax

This error occurs when Mudae users enter the wrong syntax or parameter. You can do this by looking at the bot’s documentation or command list for the proper syntax.

Invalid Command

This is typically an error that occurs when you enter an unrecognized command. It’s best to confirm the spelling and command syntax by checking the bot’s documentation and list of commands.


Why does your disable list exceed the character limit when it was fine just a few hours ago?

Bundles in Mudae are updated daily and determined by regular users’ polls. Mudae also adds approximately 4,000 characters every few months, which results in the expansion of a few bundles.

Build the Harem of Your Dreams

While creating a disabled list in Mudae helps better your chances of rolling the characters you aim for, it’s largely a process of trial and error. As a result, you can mistakenly add a character or series you’d like to roll to the category. Thankfully, Mudae provides a way to remedy the situation by clearing the disable list. You can once more have fun with your favorite waifu or husbando character without as you wish.

So, what character do you want to get back on your Mudae rolling pool? Do you know alternative tricks for clearing the disable list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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How to Clear Disable List in Mudae (2024)


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