Leading Industry Experts and Manufacturers Select Medical Design & Manufacturing West 2018 To Debut New Products (2024)

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Jan. 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West, the nation's largest medical design and manufacturing event, today announced it will host 2,000 exhibitors debuting new products and services at this year’s event. MD&M West takes place February 6 - February 8, 2018 at the Anaheim Convention Center and expects over 20,000 design and manufacturing professionals in attendance. MD&M runs alongside four other co-located events including West Pack, Pacific Design & Manufacturing, ATX West and PLASTEC West, all of which will also feature robust expo floors with a plethora of industry-specific exhibitors.

For additional information and to register for a media pass, please visit: anaheim.am.ubm.com/2018/registrations/Media.

“MD&M West is the premier event for companies to showcase and demonstrate their innovative technologies, and our exhibitors this year are certainly delivering on this promise,” said Nina Brown, vice president of events, UBM. “By collecting the most groundbreaking new products and services under one roof, we’re creating the ultimate opportunity for attendees to discover and connect directly with technologies that fit their needs and will move the needle for their businesses.”

Below is a preview of announcements exhibitors will showcase at MD&M West 2018:

3DEO (booth 355) is announcing a patent-pending metal 3D printing technology with the lowest part cost and best surface finish in the industry. Only 3DEO's parts exceed widely accepted quality benchmark MPIF Standard 35.

3M (booth 3113) will exhibit the latest in adhesive technology that enables medical device innovation. The “Find My Adhesive” product selector tool, will be on display for viewing and demoing—as well as examples of the latest device adhesives and sterilization advancements. Some of 3M’s experts will also be onsite to talk about skin nuances and how to stick to it, how sterilization impacts device design and answer any additional medical device design questions.

AMADA MIYACHI AMERICA (booth 2801) will feature its Sigma Femtosecond Laser Tube cutting system with an integrated tube feeder. Using cold ablation cutting, it produces unrivalled edge quality, significantly reducing post processing costs. It is ideal for medical device applications, including a wide range of tube and stent diameters.

AMRI (booth 351), a global contract research, development and manufacturing organization working with the life sciences industry for more than 25 years, will have three of the company’s analytical services experts deliver a two-part presentation during MD&M West. Session attendees will gain insights into mitigating risk and how to achieve regulatory acceptance when designing and qualifying complex systems, such as combination products.

Ams AG (booth 2889) joins MD&M West for the first time to demonstrate the award winning NanEye Miniature Camera Module for Medical Endoscopic and Speciality imaging applications. Measuring in at 1mm x 1mm x 1.4mm—including an integrated lens—this is an ideal solution for easy integration into endoscopic devices.

ATEQ Corp. (booth 1889) will display leak testing instruments and feature a game demonstrating the new HYDRA Four-Channel Leak Tester. Guess which phone is airtight for a chance to win the grand prize by pumping the Hydra's compressed air into the phone's four test ports to measure if the pressure drops, signifying a leak.

Bemis Healthcare Packaging (booth 1921) invites you to our presentation at the Tech Theater on Tuesday, February 6 from 3:30 – 4:45. Hear how source reduction concepts related to material selection and packaging format changes can help your organization realize corporate economic and environmental objectives.

Berry Global (booth 2359) will unveil DuraMed™ - a patented microbial barrier solution for form-fill-seal packages, header bags and peel pouches, and DirectSeal™ - a revolutionary film with sealant technology that eliminates the need for a matching coated substrate. Together DuraMed and DirectSeal offer the ultimate performance in strength and sterility.

Beta LaserMike (booth 2928) will showcase MEDSTATION, the industry's only portable measurement system for in-process measurement and control of medical tube products. It is an all-in-one solution that includes the Beta LaserMike InControl process controller, UltraScan wall thickness gauge, AccuScan 4-axis diameter and ovality gauge, and the highest-accuracy LaserSpeed length and speed gauge.

BYTEC MEdizintechnik GmbH (booth 2977) will showcase its turn-key-solutions in the complex medical technology field including SW & HW development, project management, preparation of risk analysis, documentation, support in achieving CE mark and FDA approval, production and service.

Cambridge Design Partnership (booth 1425) will unveil a new application of its unique user insight service diialog™. Using the latest miniature electronic sensors and analytics tools, dialog uncovers the secrets of how people actually use devices in their own homes – covertly capturing behaviour and translating the data into key user insights.

Canon U.S.A. Inc. (booth 408) will be introducing new φ22mm BLDC featuring compact and higher torque. A variety of gearbox, encoder, and built-in driver options are available. This product is suitable for medical pumps and hand carry devices.

Carville Ltd (booth 939) will be demonstrating the latest multilayer, fluidic manifold technology using High Accuracy Diffusion Plastic Bonding—replacing traditional cross-drilled pneumatic and liquid manifolds. Produced in clear Plexiglas/Acrylic for complete transparency as well as other materials. There are no adhesives or contaminants involved so suitable for medical IVD applications.

Cincinnati Test Systems (booth 1962) is displaying the test system portfolio from their recent partnership with Sciemetric and CTS-Schreiner. The test and measurement devices include CTS Sentinel instruments, Sciemetric 3520 Series, and the new CTS-Schreiner LPC-528. These instruments address unique leak and flow test capabilities while supporting broad application ranges for repeatable testing.

CleanCut Technologies (booth 1473) will be showcasing their innovative line of medical device packaging products and services. Medical device manufacturers will have the opportunity to discover why CleanCut Technologies is truly a one-stop source. Interested medical device manufacturers and packaging designers are invited to tour CleanCut’s facility near the Convention Center. Transportation is provided.

Colorite (booth 1739), a Tekni-Plex business unit specializing in custom medical-grade compounds, will feature its recently launched Cellene® line of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds, which are ideal for those desiring non-phthalate formulated materials. Colorite has a long history of providing PVC compound solutions designed to address the changing market trends specifically for medical device applications.

Covalon Technologies Ltd. (booth 867) introduces Centaur™ a low particulate, lubricious coating designed to improve the safety and functionality of intravascular medical devices where the presence of particulates can cause significant patient complications. Data shows that Centaur™ has statistically lower levels of particulates versus uncoated catheters.

Dainichi Co., Ltd. (booth 668) will present its Micro Hole technology, which can be used for cannula, catheter, endoscope and implant parts. The minimum size hole is 20μ.

Datwyler (booth 1183) will introduce its new brush electrodes and best-in-class compound for blood collection stoppers. The new compound FM705 has the lowest extractable levels and highest level of cleanliness as well as minimal cation leaching and high flexibility in design. The new brush electrodes are the company’s proposition for long-term EEG monitoring with focus on patient safety.

Design Solutions, Inc. (booth 2316) is an ISO13485 certified medical product design firm announcing the opening of a new R&D office in Denver, CO. The new office includes a multi-disciplinary engineering team with expertise in electrical, mechanical, software, and regulatory design of medical devices; mirroring the existing office in Minneapolis, MN.

Dr. Knoell Consult GmbH (booth 583) is providing toxicological safety assessments according to the newly revised ISO/FDIS 10993-1 – 2018. Our team of board certified toxicologists with former authority and industry experience provides your company a hands-on, personal and comprehensive approach to help you navigate through these new challenges.

Dymax Corporation (booth 2159) is pleased to showcase its Dymax 215-CTH-UR-SC family of products, which are LED-curable at either 385 nm or 405 nm and ideal for fast bonding of difficult-to-bond plastic substrates typically used in specialty catheter devices. These products allow manufacturers to enjoy the benefits of LED curing without sacrificing speed or cured mechanical properties. Available in multiple viscosity grades to fit a variety of application designs, this adhesives family features our unique Encompass® technology, which provides visual cure confirmation through Dymax See-Cure and the Ultra-Red® fluorescing technologies.

Elcam Medical (booth 2445) is pleased to demonstrate its SafeT™ product line of Tritan™ integrated stopco*cks and connectors. These products offer properties for drug and lipid resistance to minimize cracking and other lipid-related issues common when working with these types of products.

Epoxyset (booth 767) presents UV-8504E, a UV Cured, cationic epoxy adhesive and coating which is ISO-10993-5 compliant. Furthermore, it has low viscosity and offers excellent bonds to metals, ceramics, glass, and many difficult plastics. An optically clear system that offers moisture and chemical resistance, it protects in underwater environments and during temperature cycling from -55 to 200°C.

EtQ, LLC (booth 2147) -- Tailored for the medical device industry, EtQ is releasing new processes and solutions for Quality Management, including Out of Specification, Event Management and Product Registration to help gain visibility and control on critical business initiatives.

Everite Machine Products (booth 2852) introduces an electrochemical, burr-free, Advanced Cut Off Machine: ACOM-1. It will feature a full view and full access to the work area, pendant control, compact footprint, programmable independent clamping, cast non-conductive base, stainless enclosure and electrolyte system, and feed motion components outside the wet zone mitigating electrolytic corrosion.

Extron (booth 1368), manufacturer of Knurr medical electronics carts, is showcasing a new line of carts for mobile monitoring, procedure, and test/measurement. Knurr offers modular components, customization, 19” rackmount electronics, gas-lift components, hidden cable routing, locking enclosures, power solutions, integrated cooling, and custom branding. Designed to 60601 standards; ISO 13485 Certified.

Finecables Co., Ltd. (booth 2169) announces its Push-Pull Connector designed for quick and stable Installation. This is the custom solution and one-stop service that will help you and your team reduce the installation time of cables and wires by up to 80%, saving the material and labor costs in a variety of application fields.

Fluid Metering, Inc. (booth 2383) will be unveiling several new products in an interactive display of precision micro-volume fluid control solutions for medical, and analytical instrumentation. FMI’s unique CeramPump® fluid control principle has only one moving part in the fluid path, inert sapphire-hard ceramic internals, and is a valveless design.

Gardner Denver Thomas (booth 1419) will showcase its liquid diaphragm pump series 6410, 6420 and 6311. Both, the 6410 and the 6420 enable a smooth and continuous flow with minimized pulses. The 6311 is ideal when it comes to transferring liquids under pressure.

GCX Corp. (booth 2424) will showcase its latest innovations in medical device mounting solutions, including a full range of deployment and support services of mounting solutions for healthcare technology. For almost 50 years, GCX has been the leading manufacturer of medical grade mounting solutions for hospitals and OEMs worldwide.

Gerresheimer (booth 2572) along with Gx InnoSafe, offers a safety syringe with an integrated (assembled fully-automatically in the ready-to-fill process) and passive (needle protection mechanism is activated without further handling steps by the end user) safety system that prevents unintentional needle stick injuries and excludes the possibility of accidental reuse.

Glenbrook Technologies (booth 1752) introduces customizable X-ray inspection technology that is helping to reduce medical device recalls. Present applications include catheters, heart valves, biopsy needles, drug delivery devices, packaged transcatheter devices, and others to name a few.

GlobTek, Inc. (booth 1079) announces the release of the GTM96605-GEN2 family of adaptive USB power supply and quick chargers for medical and ITE applications.

Gradient Design & Engineering (booth 231) provides 5 axis services that achieve high precision tolerances. Why 5 axis machining? Save time and cost with less fixturing and set up. As well as machine complex shapes to higher precision, boost throughput shortening lead time, and have parts with superior surface finishes.

Grammatech (booth 945) announces Software Assurance Service to assess risk in medical software customers as an on-premises service. The assessment uses GrammaTech’s static analysis tool and senior consultants to review medical device source code and 3rd party binaries for vulnerabilities and quality weaknesses and provide recommendations for improvements.

Grand Avenue Software, Inc. (booth 1612) announces the immediate availability of the Supplier Management module. Supplier Management enables you to get the most from your supplier relationships. The system, aligned to ISO 13485:2016, provides a risk-based approach to automate supplier evaluation, monitoring, and periodic re-evaluation across your supply chain.

HBM, Inc. (booth 2097) offers various pressure, force, torque, and load measurements to OEMs to incorporate strain gauge-based sensors into their end products. For many applications when off-the-shelf sensors are not viable, HBM creates custom sensors and sub-assemblies compatible with today’s smart products with minimal design change to the OEM’s system.

Healthmark Industries (booth 1993) will showcase its simulated-use test soil, ATS2015. This shelf-stable formula is based upon scientific research into the soiling of clinically used medical devices, including flexible endoscopes, and is appropriate for conducting reprocessing validation studies.

Hisco (booth 1886) will be showcasing new Class A 10K cleanroom capabilities. Its Precision Converting fabrication division, a 3M Preferred Converter, doubles capacity with a second, custom Delta rotary machine designated cleanroom only. Hisco is committed to developing advanced medical device solutions with new medical applications using complex tooling and more.

HPC Medical Products (booth 2347) will showcase a range of products and services for the medical tubing and insulated fine wire markets. Highlighted products include pad printed tubing, laser machined tubing, and etched PTFE liners on a mandrel for catheter applications.

IBA (booth 1882) announces its latest addition to the Rhodotron® product family of electron beam accelerators. The new TT50 can produce up to 20 kW @ 10 MeV. The TT50 is ideal for E-beam sterilization of medical devices, X-ray phytosanitary applications for food, cargo scanning X-ray sources and R&D applications.

IBAG North America (booth 250) presents its Micro Line spindles, featuring 20mm, 22mm and 25mm diameter models that can operate up to 120,000 rpm. Micro Line spindles include a new easy to install high torque back working spindle for multiple locations: back working, front drilling and cross drilling with speeds to 60,000 rpm.

iFyber (booth 783) introduces research and development services for companies that operate at the interface of chemistry, microbiology, and material science. As well as offering unique capabilities for analytical method development, anti-biofilm efficacy, coating design and assessment, and chemical sensor design, and analyte detection.

Instron® (booth 2357) will showcase its recently launched Bluehill® Universal software, the next generation of testing software designed for touch and optimized to increase efficiency for materials testing. Also at the booth will be one of Instron’s 5900 Series Universal Testing Systems and an ElectroPuls all electric dynamic testing system.

IWAKI America (booth 1347) will showcase the new Exmire line of compact syringe-type and piston-type stepping pumps that are ideal for analytical and lab equipment, aspiration, and dispense applications.

Lapp Tannehill (booth 3096) will display medical tubing-MT-LWA that is used as a process aid for laser welding of stents and balloons. MT-LWA features easy tear capability and is easy-to-remove after application.

Lily Medical Corporation (booth E549) will display its high quality needle free connectors and IV infusion products. After years of development, newly released G2, G2+ and Nano-G2 NF connectors will be showcased, which features easy syringe connection, high backpressure and minimum priming volume.

LT Century Prototype (booth 574) offers premier prototyping services, small-batch production and low-volume manufacturing of parts and components using a plethora of materials (plastic & metal), processing methods and finishes.

Mactac (booth 1561) will showcase its new foam bonding study that helps customers pair Mactac’s adhesives with Rogers Corporation PORON® polyurethane foams. The study includes testing of Mactac’s best-selling rubber adhesives as well as its newest acrylic adhesives on popular grades of PORON polyurethane foams.

Mahr (booth 3055) will feature its wireless products including Micromar 40 EWRi, MarShaft™ SCOPE 250 Plus and MarSurf® PS 10. The Micromar 40EWRi integrated wireless hand tool includes a large display, tolerance limits, LOCK function and rapid drive measuring spindle. It utilizes MarCal digital calipers, MarCator indicators and Micromar digital micrometers for simple/efficient measurement.

MAJiK Medical Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (booth 1285) is going to be an ALL-in-ONE source for Medical Tubing. MAJiK Medical, a Global supplier of Reinforced (Braided/Coiled) thermoplastic tubing for medical device applications is adding Extrusion capabilities. With the New Extrusion line we will better serve medical device companies requirement of Single-Lumen and Multi-Lumen extrusions.

MasterControl (booth 2262) will highlight MasterControl Registrations, a robust product registration and submission management solution that will help companies launch medical devices faster, better, and easier throughout the world. The solution provides the essential framework for every submission regardless of regional or regulatory variables.

Medplus Inc. (booth 638) will showcase new products and service offerings for high polymer material products, including Latex-free breathing bag, Biopsy needle, and more.

Merrill's Packaging Inc. (booth 2254) will demonstrate its ability to produce x-long thermoformed packaging for those unique requirements which require a 1 piece solution. Merril’s packaging Inc. can produce a thermoformed part measuring 30" wide x 59" long x 10" in depth, and has been producing thermoformed packaging for the medical device industry for the past 35 years.

Micralyne (booth 771) will be introducing its Microfluidics MEMS technology platform that will enable biomedical customers to reduce development costs and accelerate time to market for their bio-sensors, electophoretic devices, trans-dermal-drug-delivery systems etc. The platform supports a range of substrates - Silicon, Silicon-on-Insulator, Glass etc., and a wide range of processes are available to support design-in of a wide range of products.

MTD Micro Molding (booth 1464) will showcase ultra-precision injection molded components that can be viewed under magnification. A variety of micromolded medical device components will be on display including implantable, bioabsorbable, and drug delivery parts. MTD is FDA registered and ISO 13485 certified.

MT Promedt Consulting (booth 1594) offers the opportunity to simultaneously create submissions for device and IVDD marketing authorizations in the US and EU while acting as a European Authorized Representative with Phil Triolo and Associates acting as US Agent. We can also audit or update your Quality System to assure compliance with ISO13485:2016 and prepare you for the new MDR.

Mundt & Associates, Inc., (Booth 1467), an OEM for Laser Workstations that builds high-end systems, is introducing two new products: a Direct-Drive Rotary Stage and a Cycloidal-Drive Rotary Stage. These American-built, robust stages feature high quality performance, efficiency, competitive pricing and quicker lead times.

Natvar, a Tekni-Plex business unit, (booth 2027) is an innovative global supplier of medical tubing solutions for a broad spectrum of medical device products. Natvar’s precision-crafted tubing solutions are used by leading medical device companies around the world for applications such as intravenous therapy, dialysis, cardiac surgery and many others.

New England Tubing Technologies (booth 2251) will introduce its eTubing hybrid tubing solutions. Customers can add wires or cables within the wall of the tube for analog and digital transmission of electrical signals for sensor capabilities, powering devices, as well as temperature and oxygen monitoring.

Nordson EFD (booth 3051) will showcase the latest precision fluid dispensing solutions that deliver extremely accurate, repeatable amounts of material for critical medical assembly processes. A new precision benchtop fluid dispenser, PRO and EV Series automated dispensing solutions, PICO® Pµlse™ and Liquidyn® P-Jet CT jet valves, the micro-dispensing xQR41 MicroDot™ needle valve, and Optimum® dispensing components will be featured.

Nordson MEDICAL (booth 2611) will be launching a new website at nordsonmedical.com. The new site brings together Vention Advanced Technologies, Linktech Quick Couplings Inc. and Avalon Laboratories. A key feature of the site is the industry’s largest Online Store, with more than 7,000 stock components and technologies.

NuSil™ (booth 2026) will feature ultra-high-purity bio-compatible lubricious silicone solutions and innovative in-situ cure technology. The NuSil™ lubricious silicone product line includes self-lubricating elastomers, dispersions, fluids and greases. The patented in-situ cure technology allows device manufacturers to create devices that can be cured in-situ, rather than outside the body, then implanted.

Okay Industries (booth 1948) announces the opening of Okay LaserWorks, a state-of-the-art research and development lab. LaserWorks offers Okay’s customers personalized collaboration with skilled laser engineers; dedicated laser equipment for tube cutting, welding, and surface marking as well as readily available raw material to provide quick-turn, optimized prototypes and design solutions.

Paonan Biotech (booth 233) is a leading ISO13485 certified FDA registered manufacturer sharing the expertise to give you the competitive edge in OEM orthopedic and spinal devices.

Phasium by Megmeet (booth 526) will showcase its First Medical-Grade USB-C-PD External Power Supply. Using the latest and highest-powered USB for battery powered medical devices, the MANGO60S-PDS is IEC 60601-1 safety approved and can selectively and dynamically power devices. This versatility makes it the single solution for any USB-C-PD enabled products, regardless of power and voltage incompatibilities.

Plastikon Industries (booth 2450) is your value partner for contract and custom plastic manufacturing solutions. We pride ourselves as a full-service, world-class global business partner with seamless capabilities in plastic injection molding and Blow/Fill/Seal (BFS) capabilities. From upfront product design and engineering, to rapid prototyping and full-scale production.

Plitek (booth 2173) will showcase its comprehensive set of medical converting product solutions. Some of the manufactured products showcased include transdermal drug delivery components, wound care, catheter holders, IV site care, micro fluids, multilayer suture strips, ostomy care, packaging cards, protective films, and cannula holders.

Porex Corporation (booth 1539) introduces the POREX® collection to detection materials and products designed to help laboratories operate faster and more accurately and to improve clinical outcomes. Smart enabling filters, vents, applicators, blood filtration media, absorbent pads, pregnancy wicks and more provide critical functionality, high flow, high capillary rates and liquid transfer.

Preco, Inc. (Booth 3397), a leading provider of lasers systems, die cutting and lamination equipment for medical device manufacturing, is introducing the FlexStacker. This system laminates and assembles multiple layers to create an aligned, precisely registered and stacked microfluidics testing device. It removes any discrepancies as seen with hand lamination or blind lamination.

Premold Corp (booth 1922) will showcase how designers, OEMs and contract manufacturers can benefit from the design friendly low volume Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) process, Premold's extensive prototyping capabilities and more.

Prudential Cleanroom Services (booth 1833) specializes in cleanroom garment processing services for aseptic, particulate & ESD controlled environments. All PCS Cleanroom Services Garment Processing Facilities (excludes Cleanroom Service Centers) are validated for sterile garment processing, and have a quality management system that is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Qosina (booth 2121) will showcase the award-winning PenBlade® safety scalpel, which recently has been added to its product line. This revolutionary scalpel is the first of its kind. The ergonomic design features an intuitive pen-style activation, using existing muscle memory (clicking an ink pen). When retracted, the PenBlade®'s end forms a unique suture-trimming groove.

Remington Medical (booth 1569) will showcase its rapidly growing, turnkey contract manufacturing solutions. The Remington Medical team has developed an aggressive approach to marketization of products that include assembly, design, development, in-house tooling and molding, regulatory submission, and testing.

RRC power solutions Inc. (booth 261) is introducing two additional standard Li-Ion prismatic batteries. The batteries will have a slim design with high energy density and feature a 2s1p and 3s1p layout, are smart, and have redundant safety features: RRC2130 (7.6V, 3.9Ah, 30Wh) and RRC2140 (11.4V, 3.9Ah, 44Wh). Both battery packs offer comprehensive worldwide approvals and certifications.

Safina, a Plaurum Group company, (booth 1495) will be showcasing powders and pastes used in Additive Manufacturing processes related to medical device manufacturing. Safina produces platinum, gold, silver and copper powders from submicron to 50 micron particle sizes. Its gas-atomized powders are highly spherical with optional coatings and distribution ranges.

Sandvik Palm Coast (booth 2860) presents Exera brand wire 0.0004” to 0.032” stranded and/or coiled multfilar wire configurations for cardiology, neurostim, and neuromodulation applications. Choose from a selection of over 100 alloys cut to length and stripped that are built to OEM specifications you provide.

Scapa Healthcare (booth 3291) announces Soft-Pro® Low Trauma Hydrocolloid Adhesive, a proprietary, gentle adhesive with repositionable properties for sensitive skin applications. This addition to Scapa's Soft-Pro portfolio is well-suited for medical device fixation, advanced wound care and consumer wellness applications for those with fragile skin, such as pediatric and neonatal or geriatric populations.

Shell-Case (booth 957) will introduce its new innovative Standard 300™ carrying cases. The Standard 300™ carrying cases have a sleek and lightweight feel, come in four different sizes, are made of thermoformed EVA and are ISO 9001/13937 certified.

Sil-Pro (booth 2375) announces its newly expanded clean room space, increasing the total manufacturing space to 96,000 ft2 with 24,000 ft2 of designated clean room. Sil-Pro has been providing full contract manufacturing services of precision medical machining, thermoplastic and silicone components with full in-house tooling and automation teams for 20 years.

Simco-Ion Technology Group (booth 2150) will be featuring a video that vividly demonstrates how ionization can remove at least 1 million particles from each operator entering a cleanroom using our ISO rated ceiling emitters. Catch how the impact of ionization solutions for particulate contamination can improve your yield and product quality.

Singulus Technologies AG (booth 876) offers machine technology for wet-chemical processes and coating technology processes as well as injection-molding of small plastic parts where extreme precision and high-quality are required. A common trait of all processes is the basic principle of efficient, low-resource production technology.

Staiger Valves & Fluid Control Excellence (Booth 878) is introducing its new media-separated microvalve (OD 8 mm). A separating membrane isolates the magnetic system, and the medium contacts only the membrane and the valve body itself. Its small internal dead volume prevents the collection of medium in unrinsed nooks of the valve and avoids mixing different media, which can lead to incorrect results.

STI Laser Industries (booth 2829) is proud to announce its latest technology, Titanium 3D printing via Electron Beam Melting for the manufacturing of patient specific implants. This technology has become surgeons' primary choice due to the implant's low residual stress, and the minimal post-processing required to achieve excellent surface quality that encourages bone ingrowth.

TAKANO CO., LTD. (booth 678) will introduce a bistable optical shutter which is both high powered and high speed, making it the best match for medical and bio-related analyzers. It operates with magnetic repulsion and suction by switching energization, and its life is greater than or equal to 5 million c. Additionally, it does not require energization when holding, which reduces its energy consumption.

TDK-Lambda (booth 659) announces the QM Series of modular power supplies with a seven-year warranty. The series has full medical MoPPs isolation, low acoustic noise, medical, and ITE safety certifications. It has been designed to be used with BF rated equipment, providing 500 to 1500 watts with up to 16 outputs.

Teel Plastics (booth 325) announces expanded extrusion capabilities complimented by a new injection molding platform. Offering materials from FPVC and HDPE to PVDF and PEEK and sizes from 0.015” to 10” OD. Visit booth 325 to learn how Teel’s dedicated team of problem solvers can speed your device to market.

The Cicor Group (booth 450) will showcase its new PCB technology platform DenciTec®. DenciTec® enables a uniquely high density of integrated functions for printed circuit boards, with high throughput and attractive costs. Thanks to DenciTec®, the potential for further miniaturization is moving in a direction that offers great benefits.

The Zippertubing Company (booth 3205) is proud to announce its latest material offering Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) jacketing. TPU is a flexible, high-temperature, halogen-free, flame-retardant film that can be RF sealed or sewn to other films, EMI shields, and closures, including our EZ-Track (TPU). This material is suitable for use in the medical industry due to its specifications and because of its clean, white appearance.

TiMOTION (booth 337) will showcase patient lift systems and adjustable beds that incorporate electric linear actuators. These medically certified linear motion products have been designed specifically for the healthcare industry to improve comfort and safety for both patients and staff.

TTG Inc. (booth 3295) will showcase its proprietary oleophobic chemistry technology, available to be applied to any nonwoven or membrane roll good. TTG Inc. is committed to provide innovative, premium quality PTFE products and related services through process excellence and by executing partnerships with customers and suppliers throughout the world.

Twin City EDM & Mfg. Inc.
(booth 3079) is excited to announce we have added Laser Welding, CNC Rotary Turning with Wire EDM process, and 5 Axis Milling (Okuma).

Vision Engineering (booth 2822) demonstrates the new Swift PRO Duo, a non-contact measurement system delivering fast and accurate 2 and 3-axis measurements. The Swift PRO Duo is the world’s only non-contact measuring system with both video and eyepiece-less optical technologies to increase accuracy, especially on materials with hard to detect edges.

Wabash MPI/Carver (booth 2891) will demonstrate the MicroLIM liquid silicone injection molding machine. Ideal for cleanroom medical micro-molding, the MicroLIM features a patented plunger design allowing accurate shot size control. The removable injection head allows for fast cleaning and material changeover.

Wibu-Systems (booth 976) will showcase its CodeMeter protection and licensing platform, which protects intelligent medical devices against IP theft, counterfeiting and reverse engineering; protects devices from external tampering; and provides integrity protection of source code and sensitive data. CodeMeter also provides a secure, flexible licensing system and enables new feature-based business models.

Xiros Limited (booth 3596) will showcase its range of services for developing customized implantable sterile textiles to facilitate the repair of human tissue. Xiros Limited provides clients with bioengineering, design, regulatory approval and manufacturing expertise and capabilities to rapidly transform product ideas into working prototypes or complete sterile medical devices.

Zeus Industrial Products, Inc. (booth 3001) - Zeus' StreamLiner™ Series of PTFE catheter liners continues to be the buzz of the industry. StreamLiner™ XT – already a best-in-class 0.00075″ (0.01905 mm) max wall thickness – now has its larger companion, VT, with 0.0010″ (0.0254 mm) max wall. StreamLiner™ Series expands possibilities for minimally invasive procedures to improve patient care.

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