The 50 best outdoor bars in Pittsburgh (2024)

Pusadee's Garden is a highly anticipated restaurant in Pittsburgh that reopened in January of 2021. The establishment is a reimagining of the popular Thai restaurant with the same name that operated for nearly 10 years until 2017. The kitchen is run by Bootsaba Tongdee, who leads the way as primary chef and family matriarch Pusadee Tongdee works during the day to prepare items such as curries.

WOW 🤩 this place is just amazing. Our daughter lives in Pittsburgh PA. and while visiting her we went to this amazing place. It’s so beautiful and the outdoor patio dining garden is just magical. The food is amazing from drinks to dessert. A place you must try.

Dottie D — Google review

Beautiful garden, delicious food, and the best dining atmosphere in Pittsburgh. Everything was cooked to perfection. There are traditional Thai dishes and some modern dishes on the menu, but they seem to not quite hit the traditional spiciness of Thai cuisine. Everything tasted very mild. The squid was by far the best, incredibly fresh and tender with an interesting zesty sauce. A lot of the dishes are red meat heavy, I’d love to see some more chicken or vegetarian options. They have a great selection of wine and co*cktails and our waiter helped us pair it perfectly with our meal. Prices are typical of fine dining ranging from about 20-30 per entree. They take walk-in and reservation, but it’s difficult to get seating in the garden without a reservation. Overall it was a wonderful dinner and we would certainly return.

Jasmine K — Google review

Stylish decor, amazing food and wonderful service! The food looks as good as it tastes. The presentation as well as the flavor profile were perfect. The atmosphere is comfy yet posh. Our server Mollie was excellent. Very knowledgeable, extremely pleasant and fun! Easily one of my favorite restaurants in Pittsburgh and can't wait until I'm back in town to go again!

Rachel N — Google review

My fiancé and I finally got to try Pusadee’s Garden this past weekend and we were truly blown away. The service was incredible, the restaurant was very clean with great atmosphere, and every dish we ordered was phenomenal. We got the 17-ingredient salad, the pork belly, the short rib, the lamb shank, as well as the mango and stick rice for dessert. Every bite was absolutely delicious! The only downside I would say is that it’s difficult to reserve a table - we booked our reservation a month in advance. But it was worth the wait. We can’t wait to go back and hopefully sit in the garden next time!

Kristen A — Google review

Gorgeous setting, attentive staff, the music is the perfect level to vibe out and keep you from hearing neighbor's conversations, while low enough to converse and hear well.The food was top notch. The halibut was perefectly cooked with a nice sear, the sauce was spicy and sweet, the zucchini and mushrooms were tender and deliciously seasoned. 10/10, no notes. Great patio fining experience and food that's phenomenal.

Jay Y — Google review

Amazing atmosphere and service! The appetizers we got were phenomenal, along with the deserts. Personally, the mains left a little to be desired. The beef cheek and pork belly were good, but the pumpkin curry was not to my liking. You also only get one small thing of rice, with each additional cup being $3. Overall a nice meal, but a little pricey for my liking.

D — Google review

Wowowow! We got a last minute reservation and were seated outside (would recommend). Every single item we ordered was delicious. Starting with the sheep’s head mushrooms and scallops and ending with the fall favorite pumpkin curry - we loved it all! One of the best Thai restaurants we’ve been too and it set the bar high! It won’t disappoint. Service was amazing as well.

Jordan G — Google review

The food was excellent, the decor modern, impressive and clean. The hostess was welcoming and friendly, the wait staff less so; they were certainly attentive, but lacked warmth. A little friendliness and a few smiles would have gone a long way to elevate the mood of the place and make one feel more welcome (hence my 2 star atmosphere rating). The appetizer (roti, yellow curry, sweet potato, shredded chicken) was excellent, and my shrimp entree (crispy shrimp, garlic/shallot/tamarind sauce) was among the best I have ever been served. It included white rice but no side-sauce or condiments; however, sauce was promptly brought when I asked about it. A vegetable was not included in my entree and, oddly enough, a side dish of vegetables was not available on the dinner menu, otherwise I would have ordered one. In summary, this venue has excellent food but could benefit from a more involved/enthusiastic staff and a slightly expanded menu. That would keep us coming back.

Larry F — Google review

Amazing ambiance in a closed off garden area or indoor space, smooth seating after wait time, balanced and diverse menu options. Menu is designed for «family style» sharing of*cktails options, however, are all too sweet, that’s what takes this down from being 5/5.Nevertheless, great spot for dining with friends or dates, though it is on the pricier side, since each dish is on the smaller side.

Riley G — Google review

Get your reservations now, it's worth the wait, truly. We arrived at 6pm, was put on the wait list and roamed the local city blocks until we were called back at around 7:45. When you walk in you're greeted with a clean, moody hall that opens up into a lush garden outdoor eating area. It smells so delicious. As a newcomer to Thai food, the menu was intimidating. That wasn't a problem though as our waiter, Cam, was extremely welcoming and expertly knowledgeable on the dishes. I had the short rib with egg noodles and my partner had the beef tenderloin. Oh my god when I say the short was impeccable, I mean it was sold out shortly after I received mine. It was so flavorful with just the right amount of spice. The beef tenderloin is not for the faint of heart when it comes to spice, depending on your taste level. It was still very delicious. Wine was wonderful, ambiance second to none, environment was warm and relaxing. Will absolutely return!

Katherine H — Google review

Amazing food and service. Expensive but it's an experience, savor it. The prices aren't shockingly high and are justified. Delicious shrimp, pork belly, and beef. Creative and artistic drink selections. GET A RESERVATION or show up well before doors open. Can't wait to return.

Cherubic C — Google review

Pusadee‘s is a gorgeous place hidden away in Pittsburgh. Food is absolutely delicious, service is on point and the place allows you to dream away for a bit.We tried all starters which were super delicious, especially enjoyed the squid, and the curry with roti. The 17-ingredient salad is also very worth it. The entrees are good but we’d recommend having all starters instead.Will definitely go again!

Marlene K — Google review

We were lucky to found a reservation in a same day for early time. Make sure to have reservations before going straight to the restaurant.I must say this restaurant is one of the best of Pittsburgh and must go for everyone.They were paying attention to all the details and make sure to explain all the food to you.All the appetizers and main dishes were fantastic and super tasty and delicious.Their salads are a MUST to order and for sure every single other dishes.

Mitra S — Google review

I rarely post a review but THIS PLACE was quite simply amazing! We ate outside in the garden, we felt transported to the garden of Eden, SO special. We enjoyed many delights among them a salad with 17 ingredients and an eggplant both were a flavorists idea of heaven! Molly made recommendations that did not disappoint, she was a true professional. We will return AND tell everyone we know about this gem of a restaurant.....

Melanie B — Google review

Beautiful atmosphere. This restaurant makes you feel like you are somewhere else they have done such a beautiful job on their garden and renovations. The bar is very romantic with big windows, I highly recommend going for a drink there before your dinner. Ended up ordering the lemongrass meatballs which were amazing and the khao so I short ribs. They both had a ton of flavor and ended up finishing with the sweet sticky rice and mango (I crave this a lot so I'm glad that I was on the menu) had a couple of co*cktails of the menu. They were good but they were quite a bit sweeter than we usually like, but we will be coming back again soon.

Moira B — Google review

Unanimously one of the most liked restaurants in Pittsburgh. The environment, food taste, staff friendliness, and even pricing are all flawless. Great location for a date. For an appetizers and 2 entrees, came out to be about $40 per person. I would recommend the 17 salad, pumpkin curry.

Moonyoung L — Google review

Oh, so excellent. Just stopped to have one of their wonderful co*cktails at the bar. Such a great vibe! Relaxing, modern yet earthy. Excellent bartenders. Fabulous co*cktail menu. I had The Garden Tonic! Great beer menu too!

Annette P — Google review

I’ve been before but last evening was one of the best experiences at Pusadee’s. I went for a solo date night and my server was AMAZING. I started with the green mango salad which was perfectly refreshing and a great spice. I finished the meal with the braised beef cheeks as recommended by the server. This will be my new go to comfort meal. I cannot explain how beautiful and wonderful this dish was. AMAZING.

Chelsey M — Google review

We are currently regulars here now after being here for the first time just two months ago. The atmosphere and modern decor is amazing! I recommend the short loin or grilled shrimp. All of the curries are also delicious! Service is always great as well! Make sure you make a reservation as they are usually booked up.

Mike B — Google review

Having lived in Thailand for 2 years, I like to say that I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to what I consider Thai food. So, when I heard about this place, Pusadee's Garden, I was a bit resistant to getting too excited, especially given that it was in Pittsburgh. When I finally conceded to giving it a try, I was shocked that I couldn't get a reservation for months. One day, I just happened to be looking, when I saw a random opening for the next day. I took it.So here's what I think: First, this is beautifully designed restaurant. Walking in there feels like yo'uve been taken to another country. The layout and decor are just great, with most seats seeing the courtyard garden.And, fortunately, the food lived up to its expectation. I always judge a Thai place by its ability to make good Tom Yum, and this place nailed it.And most dishes were also amazing, but the pork shoulder appetizer was simply mind-bendingly good. That alone made the entire experience worth it. It is a MUST have!

Omid F — Google review

Having personally been to Thailand and an avid Asian food consumer— I say this with no hyperbole... this place is the closest representation of Thai food there is in Pittsburgh. The pork belly was exceptionally tender and the highlight of the night. Truly immaculate. As good as the photos appear. Went here for my birthday, and the service was stellar, the atmosphere was jungle-like and sophisticated. Overall highly recommend even if you're passing through the area.

Joshua P — Google review

Spring is a whiplash of hopefully sunny or even warm rainy days and icy dashed hope days. Having a gorgeous view of the tips of spring showing in flowering trees, yellow daffodils, narcissus, and tall elegant yellow sprays of forsythia, from windows that stretch to the tall ceilings, with warm heaters under windows providing a shield from the chilly windows was an example of the thoughtful care provided in every detail. From the modern but timeless earthenware dishes and playful co*cktail glass presentations, soft cloth napkins to the encouraging and delicious descriptions of the dishes by our servers, this place is run with care, precision and light hearted joy. The dishes were as good as the hype, served hot and flavorful, which means the service is quick and efficient. The flavors and textures of my dishes were perfect. I can’t wait to go back and try something new on this menu, and wee what is blooming, but alas, it will be another month! Plan ahead and make reservations, it will be worth it.

M Y — Google review

I had been to Pusadee's Garden something like 12 years ago. At the time, it was small and the experience was unremarkable. No longer!I had been seeing people rave about Pusadee's for years now and didn't understand why. Last night I had a surprise opportunity to dine again at Pusadee's. Just wow.The place is huge and the tables are generously spaced out. We did have guests next to us but there were about 4 feet away. It was very pleasant.The service was spectacular. I believe our waiter was Sean. He was excellent, helpful, and always available.The food... to start, we chose the khao yum, a 17 ingredient Thai rainbow salad and the lemongrass pork meatballs. The meatballs were very good but this salad, wow! The 17 ingredients were mostly mundane, but the end result was shockingly delicious. The chef really flexed with this salad, showcasing all 5 flavors and an assortment of textures. This is a must order item.For entrees my girlfriend picked the crispy shrimp and I chose the pork belly Hung Lay. Both were outstanding. The shrimp were enormous, numerous, and perfectly cooked. The pork belly was mind bending savory saucy happiness.For dessert, my girlfriend ordered the warm sweet and salty custard over sticky rice for us to share. It was not my thing, but she loved it.This is her new favorite restaurant and we're both excited to return soon.

Jesse G — Google review

This was my first time to Pusadees and it was a fabulous experience. Our waitress gave us complementary champagne as we were celebrating our 1 year anniversary and then walked us through the menu personalizing our experience. The menu is set up in courses and most items are shareable. In addition to the great food, the ambiance and decor is phenomenal. Loved our visit.

Zach C — Google review

One of the best restaurants in Pittsburgh. It is also super cute and has great aesthetics. Their 17 ingredient salad would turn any salad hater into a salad lover. The roti is also really good. The only downside is that there aren’t that many vegetarian options.

Alaya Z — Google review

The best meal in Pittsburgh we’ve had to date. Every dish and drink is amazing, the service is fun, and the atmosphere is very cool (and we have yet to try outdoors). The Khao Soi is the best we’ve ever had outside Thailand, the Khao Yum is such a fresh, perfect starter dish, the lamb shank falls right off the bone, the grilled shrimp with panang is fantastic, the tuna laab was some of the best raw tuna we’ve had, the curries on everything are all a perfect amount of spice, and the co*cktails were fantastic -> just all around amazing dinner. We will absolutely be back. And to see how this restaurant came from a small family hole in the wall shop to the business success it has gained, you can’t help but want to support it. Happy to have experienced it!

Matt Z — Google review

The 50 best outdoor bars in Pittsburgh (2024)


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