TV Schedule for FETV (Family Entertainment Television) (2024)

TV Schedule for FETV (Family Entertainment Television) (1)

    Thursday, May 23rd TV listings for FETV (Family Entertainment Television)
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    Joyce Meyer Enjoying Everyday Life

    Author and Bible teacher Joyce Meyer shares encouragement to help people enjoy daily life.

    Life Today With James Robison

    James Robison is a former preacher who changed directions in his life several years ago and began hosting this television show alongside his wife, Betty, in order to reach out to help more people.

    Highway Patrol Hostage Copter

    The Highway Patrol helicopter is ordered into action when the botched robbery of a roadside diner results in the shooting of the proprietor and the abduction of his daughter.

    Highway Patrol Rabies

    Dan Mathews and a physician race against time to find an elusive little girl that was bitten on the cheek by a rabid dog.

    Perry Mason The Case of the Bluffing Blast

    A girl searching for the father she's never seen appears to be a target for murder; guest Antoinette Bower.

    Perry Mason The Case of the Prankish Professor

    A professor's wife is charged with his murder soon after he staged a shooting in class; guest Barry Atwater.

    Hazel The Marriage Trap

    A misunderstanding almost gets two people married to the wrong partners.

    Hazel The Flagpole

    Hazel comes to the rescue when George breaks up with his business partner.

    Leave It to Beaver Most Interesting Character

    Beaver has trouble thinking of something interesting to say about his father for a school composition.

    Leave It to Beaver Blind Date Committee

    As chairman of a dance's blind-date committee, Wally has to find a date for a girl.

    Bewitched Samantha's Lost Weekend

    Samantha develops an appetite and wreaks havoc in a supermarket.

    Bewitched The Phrase Is Familiar

    Because of Endora's spell, Darrin almost talks himself out of a job.

    The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Nineteen Notches on His Gun

    Earp and Bat pose as outlaws to infiltrate a gang involved in a rash of murders and cattle thefts, staging a power struggle within the gang and setting up an ambush in Dodge City to take down the entire group.

    The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp The Hanging Judge

    Earp must get Judge Tobin to see the error of his ways when the judge sentences an innocent man to death by hanging, going to extreme lengths to turn the tables by framing the judge for a crime.

    Daniel Boone Sweet Molly Malone

    The Boones play matchmaker for a former Army sergeant (Barbara Bel Geddes) and a German tinker (Jack Kruschen).

    Daniel Boone A Pinch of Salt

    Two sisters (Joan Hackett, Donna Baccala) capture Boone and a friend and force them to mine salt.

    Perry Mason The Case of the Bluffing Blast

    A girl searching for the father she's never seen appears to be a target for murder; guest Antoinette Bower.

    Perry Mason The Case of the Prankish Professor

    A professor's wife is charged with his murder soon after he staged a shooting in class; guest Barry Atwater.

    Adam-12 Training Division

    A know-it-all trainee complicates life for the officers.

    Adam-12 Capture

    The chase is on as the officers search for a huge, angry dog and an elusive burglar.

    Quincy, M.E. Deadly Protection

    A dog-kennel owner asks Quincy's help to learn why his well-trained guard animals are attacking their masters; guest Sam Groom.

    Perry Mason The Case of the Constant Doyle

    A widowed lawyer (Bette Davis) clears her husband's name and helps a rebellious boy charged with murder.

    Perry Mason The Case of the Libelous Locket

    A law professor (Michael Rennie) defends a student involved in blackmail and murder; guest Ruta Lee.

    Emergency! Right at Home

    DeSoto opens his home to the son of an accident victim, a decision he comes to regret when the boy wrecks his house and reputation.

    Adam-12 Hostage

    Malloy is wounded and taken prisoner when he walks into a cafe where a robbery is in progress.

    Adam-12 Astro

    Malloy and Reed receive directions from a helicopter during a high-speed chase.

    Barney Miller The Slave

    The detectives are shocked to discover that a chauffeur involved in a minor traffic accident is actually a slave indentured to a Burmese diplomat.

    Barney Miller Strip Joint

    A bookstore owner is infuriated when a strip club opens near his place of business; A man threatens to burst into flames; Two topless dancers arrested.

    Barney Miller The Bird

    Barney hesitates signing a release for Harris' new book.; Wojo's new parrot dies; and a suicide hot-line operator decides to end it all.

    Barney Miller The Desk

    A partial lobotomy turns a master thief into a mindless zombie; An Amish man is unable to use the telephone to call for help after he's been mugged.

    Bewitched Samantha's Secret is Discovered

    Samantha saves her secret and Mrs. Stephens' sanity with some well-placed witchcraft.

    Bewitched Tabitha's Very Own Samantha

    When Samantha teaches Tabitha an important lesson, Tabitha realizes one mother is enough.

    Leave It to Beaver Beaver Takes a Bath

    The bathtub overflows while Ward and June are away for the night.

    Leave It to Beaver School Bus

    Bad school-bus behavior gets Beaver suspended.

    Hazel Welcome Back, Kevin

    Hazel discovers that her letters are at the root of a young couple's troubles.

    Hazel Mind Your Own Business

    George and Hazel decide they should each mind their own business.

    Joseph Prince Pray the Prayer of Protection

    Powerful truths from Psalm 91; living fear-free and protected in volatile times.

    Amazing Facts With Doug Batchelor

    Pastor Doug Batchelor reveals "Amazing Facts" of biblical events and brings new insight to frequently asked questions in Christian faith.

    TV Schedule for FETV (Family Entertainment Television) (2024)


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