Weiss Schwarz: 9 Rarest Cards (And What They're Worth) (2024)

Weiss Schwarz or Weiß Schwarz is a Japanese card game that features many fan-favorite anime characters like Natsu from Fairy Tale or Mob from Mob Psycho 100. The game is structured in a similar manner to Yu-Gi-Oh with battle phases, a form of life points, and multiple levels of card rarity. The game is popular in its native land and is gaining a growing fanbase in the USA if its growing eBay market is any indication.

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The number of anime characters featured in the game is large and ever-growing. With several new titles scheduled to be added to the game like Adventure Time, its popularity will only increase as time marches forward.

Updated March 3, 2023, by Jerrad Wyche: Trading cards continue to be as popular as ever in the world of collectors, investors, and players. Properties like Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering are mainstays in the market, but Weiss Schwarz has managed to deliver trading card sets belonging to some of the most beloved and popular anime series out there. With the anime fandom being so large and diehard it's no surprise that many anime-licensed cards are surging in value thanks to their rarity and the fandom to which they belong. It's unclear just how high the prices can go on the rarest and most valuable cards Weiss Schwarz produces.

9 Genuine Explosion Magic - $90

Weiss Schwarz: 9 Rarest Cards (And What They're Worth) (1)

This triple rare (RRR) card features characters from the Konosuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! anime series. Megumin and Darkness are featured on the card with two stills taken directly from a scene in the anime.

The card itself is a holo-foil and thus is quite a rare find. Its triple rare status is second only to special (SP) cards in terms of rarity. This hard-to-find card has an English version that features a different image and is of a lower rarity level.

8 A Figure Of One's True Face - $165

Weiss Schwarz: 9 Rarest Cards (And What They're Worth) (2)

The special cards are the rarest in the game and as such can come with quite hefty prices. They are holo-foil and signed, meaning that they will stand out amongst one's entire deck. The average booster carton only comes with two of these cards. Each carton contains 16 booster boxes with 20 packs that have 8 cards each in them. To put it mildly, SP cards are not easy to come across.

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Some series in the game even have special rarities like Gigant or Wooser rare. This signed card features Maya Yamato from the BanG Dream! anime is considered to be Super Special (SSP) which is a rarity type featured in only four series.

7 Kyouka, Quest Complete! - $305

Weiss Schwarz: 9 Rarest Cards (And What They're Worth) (3)

Kyouka from the Princess Connect! Re:Dive anime is on this expensive card. Due to its status as an SP card, it was bound to be on the high-end side of the eBay Weiss Schwarz market. Also, as with all SP cards, this one is both a holo-foil and is signed.

Combining the special abilities of the card, the series it is in, and the popularity of the character one may get a sense of why it has the price that it does. Some sellers on eBay have a marginally lower price but one would be hard-pressed to find a copy of it for under $200.

6 Summer Pockets Shiki - $590.00

Weiss Schwarz: 9 Rarest Cards (And What They're Worth) (4)

The popular 2018 visual novel Summer Pockets has fans all around the world. The tale of Hairi, Shiroha, Ao, and Kamome on the secluded island of Torishirojima has captivated many a player. There is even an upgraded edition titled Reflection Blue that was released in 2020. Suffice it to say that the world and characters of the visual novel are beloved by many fans. The Summer Pockets series is amongst one of the most valuable and rare in the entire Weiss Schwarz game.

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This more than explains why one of the rarest cards in the game features a character from the visual novel. Shiki, who is featured on the card, is not even a main character. However, the card is still one of the most expensive out there. Another SP card, this one is signed in gold and has one of the best backgrounds in the entire game. One can only imagine how hard it is to find this card by trying more conventional methods like buying pack after pack. Almost all of the SP cards in this series are rare and come with high price tags.

5 Quiet Passion - $700

Weiss Schwarz: 9 Rarest Cards (And What They're Worth) (5)

There are some Weiss Schwarz that are more expensive, come in better sets, and even have more beloved characters. Yet this card is quite possibly the rarest in the entire game. Levi, one of the strongest and most stoic characters in Attack on Titan, graces this card. It is funny that Levi looks so no-nonsense and battle-ready on the card. He would probably be in shock if he could see just how much the card is valued. The double rare (RR) edition of this card is $8.19 which is pricier than the average card anyway.

This rare SP edition, however, blows it out of the water price-wise. The reason for its rarity could be due to its high stats or even simple availability. The most likely reason is that Levi is a popular character in a very popular anime. There are only a few sellers on eBay with the card and many list it as "super rare", a phrase not to be taken likely when dealing with any type of collector's item.

Even in Japan, this card would be more than difficult to get one's hands on. With Attack on Titan in its final season, the price for this card may go even higher. As it stands there are only two series of Attack on Titan cards in the entire Weiss Schwarz game. If this were to change then maybe this card would decrease in rarity and price. For the moment though, this card will remain amongst the rarest of all Weiss Schwarz cards.

4 Logical Witch, Rio Futaba - $800

Weiss Schwarz: 9 Rarest Cards (And What They're Worth) (6)

The world of anime is full of shows with wildly lengthy names and Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai is no different. Logical Witch, Rio Futaba is a Weiss Schwarz card featuring one of the anime's secondary protagonists, a girl named Rio Futaba.

The card features a version of the science club member pinning up her hair gently. Her story is quite interesting as she battles internal struggles of confidence that lead to her manifesting as a clone of herself. It's not a surprise that a signature card featuring her is sought after, especially considering it's a more niche property in terms of its popularity in the West.

3 "Link Strike" Sinon - $1,100

Weiss Schwarz: 9 Rarest Cards (And What They're Worth) (7)

"Link Strike" Sinon is a beautifully designed Weiss Schwarz trading card belonging to the Sword Art Online The Movie set titled -Ordinal Scale-. As expected with a card going for this price on TCGPlayer or any other site, it's a special card that comes with what looks to be a black ink signature. The signature itself takes up an empty portion of the card art, allowing Sinon's portrait to be on full display.

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Sinon is the avatar of Shino Asada, a character who appeared later in the light novels on which the popular anime series is based. Her digital appearance is much different than her "real-life" look featured on the card as her hair is light teal and white, and her outfit is much more flashy.

2 "Loli, Scornful Eyes, Unfriendly" Roxy - $1,650

Weiss Schwarz: 9 Rarest Cards (And What They're Worth) (8)

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation is a popular Isekai anime focused on a man essentially given a second lease on life and an opportunity to seize the existence he felt he missed out on. Roxy, the girl featured on the valuable card above, is a mage who serves as the protagonist's main tutor.

Special rares in Weiss Schwarz sets tend to be the rarest and most valuable cards, likely due to the flashy gold signatures they tend to have. In the card art on "Loli, Scornful Eyes, Unfriendly" Roxy isn't the most welcoming as she looks a bit concerned and uncomfortable, much like the wallets of people trying to collect the card itself.

1 Boundless Obsessive Love, Albedo - $3,700

Weiss Schwarz: 9 Rarest Cards (And What They're Worth) (9)

Now, Overlord may not be the most popular anime in the world, but it is home to arguably the rarest Weiss Schwarz card currently out there. As part of the Nazarick: Tomb of the Undead set there is a card called Boundless Obsessive Love, Albedo.

Part of why it's so valuable and rare is that it is a special rare that comes with an autographed signature. Albedo is a rather important figure as she's the Overseer of the Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. That's why she happens to have the rarest card in a set focused on someone like Nazarick. There are only two of these cards currently available on TCGPlayer's official site.


Weiss Schwarz: 9 Rarest Cards (And What They're Worth) (2024)


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